lørdag den 11. februar 2017

Create Your own salt- & peppertasting Seaweed-All-In-One spice like the people of the stoneage did it ♥

The socalled #ISeaPasta
from the dutch company
The seaweed
Himanthalia elongata
which it is,
are not advised
by the company
to be eaten raw
as is
because it
has so much
taste of the
addresses the people
who are not familiar
with the tastes
the ocean has.
Thus their advice is
to soak the oceanpasta
and cook it for such
a long time
the original taste
leave to the
and then add
what ever prefered taste
since the seaweed
is literally tasteless
having the taste of it
'stolen' thus.
It's a shame
just to throw
the water away.
You can put it
in Your watering can
and give it to Your
potplants standing
by Your windows.
They'll love You
for it
 Reacently I was lucky to meet
the CEO of Seamorefood
Willem Sodderland
at their Stand
at the Westmarket
in Copenhagen.
We had some
very good chat.
Willem was kind enough
to tell me I can't expect
ordinary people
to love the taste
of the raw
since it's only
a lover of seaweed
who would be
able to do
such a
is naturally
right about this
and naturally
I also love
treated the way
like I've
done it
I'm not the only lover of seaweed to eat
at this blue planet of ours.
Look at it internationally
and see we spiritually are a
very large seaweedfamily
all of us at the earth
at the same time
to build culture
for use of seaweed
in food
since it's
needed for mankinds
better health and vitality
like notime
You may say
with this posting
I address my
spiritual family
to tell the news
of this extradinary good
new seaweedspice
I've managed to create
though beginners
can also be
♥ ♥ ♥
Coming straight from the bag Seamorefoods Oceanpasta looks like dried tangled sticks with something ugly at it looking like mold. Don't worry Be Happy ♥ 
The white stuff is delicate tasting salts of the ocean which there are severel of.
What You see at the picture is roasted Pasta of the Ocean.
What I did was I took 10 grams of it and put it in a cold oven and set the temperature at 150 degrees hot air for 20 minutes.
Vegans will say: "OMG ... he destroyes the nutrional value of the oceanvegetable since the temperature comes above 42 degrees" ...
I say ... hmmm ... maybe the three enzymes in seaweed for better digestion are harmed ... but the entire content of minerals arn't and seaweeds digestive support can be had just soaking it and eat it. 
You simply can't make seaweed burn with flames. You can only turn it into ash and this ash is the most mineralrich 'spice' You can find and the molecules of the minerals are perfectly allright. They give the cells what they need.
I've made this video to show the fact seaweed can not burn:

With the pestle and mortar like used in the stoneage
it's very simple to crush the seaweed down to flakes.
But You can't do that if You don't remove the rest
of the moisture there always is in dried seaweed.
If You don't have the original stone tool
a grinder for coffeebeans
can also be used.
I mixed the granuled seaweed with 10 grams
of flakes of seasalt which is also rich in minerals.
It's funny the dust of the seaweed is orange.
It's probably the good content of iodine
having become visible.
The readymade spice looks like this.
Here it's used as topping on potatoes
with a white welltasting sauce.
The seaweedspice surely added
something good extra
that really made the difference
on the tastebud.
Naturally this spice
can do likewise
to most good
♥ ♥ ♥