fredag den 16. januar 2015

♥ for Seaweed

The name of the Seaweed
at the picture is
Fucus spiralis.
Best way of recognising it is
some of the bladders look
like a Heart.
Dried and eaten Raw
it has a taste somehow
like the Mushroom
♥ ♥ ♥

I was eating
a little of it
with my breakfast.
Good piece of advice
digesting Seaweed
is not to eat until
the stomach feels ful.
Even a little Seaweed
like 5 grams dryweight
swells up in the stomach
to a large gel within 10
to 15 minutes.
Then there is a feeling
of being FUL.
So ... Did You Eat
until You felt Ful
You'll find Yourself
with a painful