lørdag den 3. marts 2018

Wild Strands marine and coastal tourism company

Very well hidden for the searchmachines at the internet You might get lucky to stumple upon this company, whom with William Mc Elhinney up front, the man at the pictures left side, runs this wonderful business.

William is an particularly interesting person since He according to their website http://www.wildstrands.com
is fourth generation of seaweed harvesters in Northern Ireland. Thus He is living history telling the Fairytale of how it was, the ancient tradition for harvesting and using seaweed in food kept on being alive all the time, it was disregarded by 'deacent people'.

What is MOST WONDERFUL for me is that William so clearly knows the origin for the use of the tiny little seaweed Dúláman ... Pelvetia canaliculata ... in the food. William has two wonderful pictures of it at the websites photo section:

Reason why it is important for me to find documentation for  the fact Dulaman has a place in food history long before May 1995 is, that it is being qoustioned by the Health Authorities in northern europe. They can't see any documentation Say They that Dulaman has been a part of regularly digestion for many persons in northern europe for even a long time back, with proven food safety since none got deadly ill eating it.

I'm one of the Ambassadors for Grandmother Oceans beloved 'Weeds. Therefore I HUNT any documentation for Dulamans validity. I NEED to give this information to the european seaweed company whom is faced with this challenge having to prove Dulaman is just as safe food as Sloke, Bladderwrack, Knotted wrack and Carrageena ... not to say Dulse.

There is a NEED FOR that EVERYONE who can stand up and TALK for Dulaman DO IT ... and REPORT TO ME!

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