lørdag den 18. august 2018

How to make a mask of Seaweed and mud that makes the face become Younger ♥

I've got at new friend here up
the Nordic countries.
You know as a Viking
I am most pleased
with NORDIC.
Her name is
Agathe Bjørnsdatter Molvik.
We have same kind of
spirit though we
are only
by the means
of modern connection
WIFI is for good.
It's not like travelling
with boats over the seas,
riding up and down hills
with horses and
walking the
rest of the
♥ ♥ ♥

Bjørnsdatter Molvik Agathe
asks me ... how did I
make this Face
mask with

I think I have to answer
Her as prober as I

Well Bjørnsdatter.
It all started with
the idea of
making Seaweedmasks
for better Health
of the skin.

Allmost all companies
in the Seaweed for
better health
do such a
The Wellness

This is not to compeat
with them just to
show a cheap
way to
on Ur

The idea of Seagreens was to use
larger pieces of granules
of Ascophyllom
called Grisetang
in Norway
as basic
of the

It worked no good.
The mask fell off
before the
♥ ♥ ♥

Then Seagreens came up
with much finer granules
of Grisetang.

I mixed it like 1:1
with powdered mud
meant for facemasks:

I ended up with something very nice
and effective to paint on my
face with a brush.

After washing it off
with water the
skin was
very much

I added some fat cream
and had a Face
with more comfort: